70-million-year-old dinosaur nests found in Alaska

70-million-year-old dinosaur nests found in Alaska

In the US state of Alaska, new evidence of the existence of dinosaurs millions of years ago has been unearthed.

Researchers from the University of Alaska found the remains of 7 dinosaur cubs thought to have lived in northern Alaska about 70 million years ago.


One of the researchers, Pat Druckenmiller, noted that the findings are the first evidence of dinosaur nests ever found in the North.

Druckenmiller stated that the fossils of dinosaur cubs were found in a newly hatched state.

Pointing out that the new findings may change what is known about dinosaurs, Druckenmiller said, “If they spawned, they spent the winter there (in Alaska). If they wintered, they had to adapt to unfamiliar weather conditions such as cold weather and snow.”

Dinosaurs are estimated to have lived in Alaska for about a year.

In 2016, researchers speculated that Alaska may have served as a “highway” between North America and Asia for dinosaurs 65-70 million years ago.

The results of the research were published in the journal Current Biology.

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