7 killed in gun attacks in Nigeria

7 killed in gun attacks in Nigeria

In a written statement, Kaduna State Internal Security and Internal Affairs Commissioner Samuel Aruwan stated that unidentified gunmen carried out attacks in the province’s Kakau and Tsohon Gaya regions.

Aruwan noted that 7 people lost their lives and many injured in the attacks.

Motorcycle use has been banned in some states due to gunmen’s recent attacks on motorcycles in the country.

The region is the scene of violent conflicts between the Fulani, who are busy with animal husbandry, and some tribes that make a living from farming.

In the last year, 937 people were killed and 1972 people were kidnapped in attacks by gunmen in Kaduna state.

The Fulani, who migrated to the south of the country to graze their animals, claim that the farmers tried to steal their animals and attacked them.

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