"67 children died, that's the price of war"

“67 children died, that’s the price of war”

“67 children were killed in Gaza. That’s the price of war” This striking headline belongs to Haaretz, one of Israel’s leading newspapers.

The newspaper featured photographs of children who lost their lives in Israel’s 11-day attacks on Gaza on the front page. The names of the Gazan children were also shared.

In the headline, the newspaper emphasized that the cost of the war in Gaza was the loss of 67 children. Since the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas began on May 21, the Gaza-Israel line has been calm.

Yahya es-Sinvar, the Hamas Movement’s Gaza Officer, spoke to the press for the first time after the Israeli attacks. He said that if Israel continues its violations in Jerusalem, it will cause a great religious war in the region. He warned that if the Masjid al-Aqsa is touched, the shape of the entire Middle East will change.

Yahya es-Sinvar stated that Hamas has a 500-kilometer underground tunnel, and Israeli forces can only damage 5 percent of it. Sinvar also stated that Hamas Political Bureau Head Ismail Haniye was sent an invitation from Egypt to visit Cairo and that the visit will take place in the coming days.

The Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation announced that Egypt invited Israel to negotiate with Hamas and the Palestinian administration in Cairo. It was stated that the talks will focus on issues such as reaching a long-term ceasefire agreement in the region and the reconstruction of Gaza.

In the Irish parliament, a motion condemning Israel’s “de facto annexation” of Palestinian territories was passed.

Thus, Ireland became the first European Union country to use the term “de facto annexation” regarding Israel’s actions in the occupied Palestinian territories.

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