6 out of 10 Japanese believe in cancellation of the Olympics

6 out of 10 Japanese believe in cancellation of the Olympics

The survey conducted in Japan revealed that 59.7 percent of the public believed that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympic Games should be canceled due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak.

The survey, organized by the Kyodo agency over 715 fixed and more than 1250 mobile numbers over the weekend, raised suspicions about the organization of the Olympics 10 weeks before the start of the epidemic.

Accordingly, 59.7 percent of those surveyed believe that the Tokyo Olympics should be canceled due to the Covid-19 cases, which maintain the country-wide upward trend.

25.2 percent of the participants replied that the tournament should be held without spectators and 12.6 percent with a limited number of spectators.

Despite the Organizing Committee’s decision that overseas spectators will not be accepted, 87.7 percent of those surveyed worry that athletes and national team members who will enter the country due to the tournament may spread the virus in Japan.

The Olympic Games, which were previously planned to be held on 24 July-9 August 2020 and were postponed due to the epidemic, were decided to be held on 23 July-8 August 2021.

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