4 people killed, 12 injured in an explosion in a hotel parking lot in Pakistan

4 people killed, 12 injured in an explosion in a hotel parking lot in Pakistan

Police officials stated that the source of the explosion was a bomb-laden vehicle, according to preliminary investigations.

The officials stated that 4 people, including a police officer, lost their lives and 12 people were injured in the explosion, and that the investigation into the incident continues.

While the vehicles in the parking lot were damaged due to the explosion, there was damage to the hotel.


Pakistani Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed told reporters that Chinese Ambassador to Islamabad Nong Rong and Chinese diplomats stayed at the hotel, but were not at the hotel during the explosion.

Ahmed condemned the attack, stating that Pakistan’s enemies do not want to see a peaceful and thriving Pakistan.

Baluchistan Province Spokesperson Liyakat Shehvani stated that this was a terrorist attack, “Pakistan’s enemies are behind the attack that took place today.” he said.


On the other hand, Ramadan aid activities for Religious Foundation of Turkey came to the city (TDV) with the delegation accompanying Anadolu Agency (AA) reporter was in the hotel as well.

The TDV delegation, who was in their rooms at the time of the explosion, survived the incident unscathed. At that time, AA reporter Recep Bilek, who was in the hotel box, was slightly injured by glass fragments that hit his hand.

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