2,444 murders committed in Mexico last month

2,444 murders committed in Mexico last month

The Mexican Federal Security Service prepared a report on murders committed in the country last month.

According to the report, 2 thousand 444 murders were committed during the month of March, and this figure has been recorded as the most murder case in a month in the country since 2011.

Accordingly, the average number of homicides per day during March was 78.

In the assessment made according to months, it was noted that 2 thousand 379 murders were committed in January and 2 thousand 206 in February.

In addition, the highest number of deaths in a day was recorded on 7 March; 103 people died.

The states of Guanajuato, Michoacan, Baja Colifornia, Chihuahua and Veracruz were the places where the most murders were committed.

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